Restore Cold Pressed

Restore Cold Pressed

Jordhan Kieres

Restore is a healthy pressed juice and smoothie place, that also serves healthy snacks; they are located in Downtown Cleveland on 1001 Huron Road. They value giving their customers the highest quality of fruits and vegetables, always being organic.

Restore has a variety of cold-pressed juices; all of which are made with raw organic ingredients. They have created five different categories for the cold-pressed juices: Detox, Immunity, Nut, Plant Fix, and Shots. The juices have a wide range of ingredients placed within their juices. These juices are a great way to cleanse your body and put healthy foods into your system.

One of their most popular items on the menu is the smoothie bowls. They are a great healthy option that allows you to add the “good stuff” to add some extra flavor as well as to have some nice tasting goodies in your healthy bowl. They have a total of four smoothie bowls to choose from; the price vary from $6.50-$10.

If you are looking for a nice healthy food option their toast + bites do just the trick. They have three different types on the menu. Two of them have smashed avocado as the main spread with other toppings on top and the option to add on: smoked salmon or roasted turkey. The last toast has almond butter as the main spread with bananas on top.

If you are looking for new post workout snack place or looking for a new healthy spot to go to Restore is just the place for that. Just like restore says “Whether it’s, your body or your mind, restore yourself” so make your way to downtown and give restore a try.