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    Pit Bulls Are No Longer Banned


    Pit Bulls are no longer banned from the city of Lakewood. They no longer have that negative name attached to them. Finally the city will not label them as “vicious”.

    This specific breed of dog as been banned for 10 years because people believed that those specific dogs were dangerous. Now the city says that all dogs are equal unless they behave aggressively.

    Not many people know that most dogs don’t behave aggressively unless they are mistreated. Even people who are mistreated act out some times and at that point it should be handled but that doesn’t mean the entire group will act out.

    If a dog is acting in a dangerous manner it should be reported before the situation has the chance to get worse. If the owner doesn’t think that their pet is going to be harmful they can request for a hearing.

    If  at the end of the hearing the dog is rather “dangerous” they have to follow many rules. Including the dog being secured in a pen, the yard has to have a fence at least six feet tall. When the dog isn’t home is has to be restrained or have a muzzle etc. Lastly you must have an insurance policy not less than $100,000 with a dangerous dog registration.

    Many owners that live in the city and super happy and thankful that they can keep their pets and not have them locked up when it’s not necessary. They must have $10,000 in liability insurance.

    The dog must live in good, safe conditions. Large enough for the pet clean, dry and properly insulated. If the dog is put outside it can not be for more than six hours within a 24-hour time period. The dog should never be left in the summer heat or on cold days.

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