Why is Prom Such a big deal?


Maddy McFarlin

Why is Prom such a big deal? Well it is a fun time but it is also very stressful. All the girls get all dressed up and the boys clean themselves up for one big night. It takes so much time to get ready for that one night. It is time, money and lots of stress.

It is worth it though because it is one great big night with all of your classmates before everyone goes off into the real world. It is a night to remember you might as well get all dressed up for it. It is like your final goodbye and you go out with a bang.

It is very stressful for the girl because they want to make sure they look great. They get their hair and nails done. Then they go out and look for an extravagant dress with shoes to match it. If something goes wrong with their outfit then the world is going to end. Even if their makeup gets changed last-minute then someone will cry. Girls just care too much.

It is stressful for the boys because they have to worry about asking someone. For most people that makes them very nervous and they want to make sure it is nice. Then if girls do not get asked in a big way then they are sad, so they have a lot of pressure.

All around I feel like Prom is a fun time but it just takes so much to go through.