A New Lakewood Baseball Tradition

A New Lakewood Baseball Tradition

Rory Meehan

On Monday May 1st, the way baseball is watched at Lakewood High was changed forever.

A couple of months ago a group of young influencers, Evan Budzar, Jason Morgenstern, and yours truly Rory Meehan, were sitting in physics class talking about the upcoming baseball season, the weather at this time was very cold and, since Dennis Ebner refused to let the boys make their lunches in his microwave, the boys were very hungry.  It was in this period of longing for fuller stomachs and warmer days that the boys came up with a great idea, have a tailgate cookout in left field at a Lakewood Ranger’s baseball game.

The boys, all huge fans of a greasy cheeseburger, were ready to grill and have a cookout as soon as possible but unfortunately Mother Nature was less than enthusiastic about a potential cookout and the weather was awful throughout much of the Ranger’s season.  The Burger Boys waited patiently and were rewarded with a beautiful day at the perfect time, May 1st.  It was senior skip day and we had been blessed with weather 70 degrees and sunny.

Armed with an assortment of meats and a couple of small grills sponsored by Pat Gilman’s Dad, (Thanks Chief), waters and pop from Rozi’s Wine House and the cookout was ready to go.  Lawn Chairs were set up along the fence in left, where everyone had a great place to eat their food and watch the Rangers beat Avon by a whooping 16-0 margin.

I hope this can become a new tradition for Lakewood baseball fans as not only was it fun but also delicious.