How music influences people.

How music influences people.

Maddy McFarlin

Music is a part of a daily life for everyone. When you are in a store you hear music or when you want to hear something then silence you will put music on.

Music is what expresses how you are feeling. You listen to music when you are feeling sad, happy or just to relax. Music is just a coping method for everything. When you have no one to talk to you can just turn to music.

It is different with teens and adults when it comes to music. Teens like to listen to music to deal with all of the stress we have. Music is a great way for teens to meet new people. Teens go to concerts for the music they listen to and they also meet new people there too. Concerts are great memories too and they are all from music.

Life today without music would be very dull and quiet. Music puts people in their own world. It is very nice it takes you out of reality. It makes you think that you are in a happier place, somewhere you want to be.

When you walk the halls at school with headphones in you just feel like you are on top of the world, depending on the music you are listening to. Music releases endorphin’s in the brain so it can make you happy either way.

There are so many varieties of music. There are different genres, artists and sounds. There is music out there for everyone. Even if people don’t like the same music as you, you like it and that’s all that matters.