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    Debunking the Myth: Protein for a Vegetarian Diet


    Many individuals criticize vegans and vegetarians by insisting that their lifestyles are unhealthy because they lack the protein found in meats. In reality, this is just another myth surrounding plant-based diets, and there are plenty of other healthy options.

    One great protein option is seitan. As Healthline reports, seitan is made of gluten and resembles meat in taste as well as look, and can substitute it in a number of dishes. In fact, seitan can be used in sandwiches, Asian dishes, pasta, and more. The super food has 25 grams of protein for every 100 grams, which is five more than a typical serving of “real” chicken breast. Tommy’s on Coventry in Cleveland has a great seitan sub that is vegetarian and can be altered to become vegan, so check them out!

    Rice and beans are a popular dish that actually contains quite a bit of protein. At seven grams for every cup, it can be used used in burritos, tacos, salads, and a multitude of delicious dishes. Replacing the beans with chickpeas or lentils will have the same, tasty result! Not to mention, a serving of hummus and pita produces the same amount of protein, of which delicious versions can be found throughout the Cleveland area, especially at Aladdin’s.

    Mycoprotein is also a yummy source of protein, says Greatlist, that is sold as chicken, fish, turkey, beef and other substitutes. The brand Quorn sells this fungus-based food- similar to relatives of the mushroom- and it has about 13 grams of protein for every half cup.

    Not a fan of any of these options? Have no fear, picky eaters! A classic peanut butter sandwich can get 15 grams of protein into your body, not to mention a number of healthy fats. According to One Green PlanetSoy milk is a popular drink that has 8 grams of protein, is mild in taste, can be bought in a number of flavors, and is often preferred over regular milk. So, in reality, a typical lunch of a sandwich and milk can get you pretty far in terms of protein!

    Vegetarians and vegans don’t have to go without protein in their diets as many tend to argue. The above substitutes- and a plethora of others- have enough of these vital amino acid chains to fulfill the suggested amount in every meal. Now, a diet lacking protein is no longer an excuse to not go vegetarian or vegan– so what’s really holding you back?

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