Nichole Sullenberger

Nichole Sullenberger

Senior year–both the best and worst year of high school. The best year because of all the new privileges, prom, and graduation; the worst because it is full of many lasts. The last homecoming, the last basketball game, and the last day of classes. Although these times can be very stressful, it is best to learn to enjoy your time in high school before it’s taken away from you forever.

During my four years at Lakewood High School, I have made many new friendships and memories that will never be forgotten. From meeting my best friend in the back of my AP U.S. History class on the first day of freshman year to dancing the night away at prom, I believe I have taken advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. Some of my favorite memories from this year include (but are not limited to): putting all the prom decorations together with Student Council, spending time with all of my friends at after prom, competing in the track & field Ranger Relays, and helping to design the 2017-2018 Lakewood High School Yearbook.

My advice to underclassmen is simple: don’t waste your time at Lakewood High School. Keep on track with your studies and take advantage of the numerous opportunities presented to you. Most of all, get involved! You will never be able to know whether you enjoy something or not until you take the leap and try it.

My advice to juniors is to stay motivated. Although you may not think so, it is important to keep up your grades even after you are accepted into the college of your choice. Stay away from senioritis! Senioritis will make it very difficult to get back into your original work ethic during college. Another tip is to apply for as many scholarships as you can. Chances are, most of us will not get a full ride to our school of choice and any bit of scholarship help will make all the difference when it comes time to repay your debts.

Next year, I will be attending Kent State University as a part of the Honors College and I plan on pursuing a degree in nursing. I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet new people and make new memories that I will never forget at Kent State University. Go Flashes!