Animals are NOT objects

Animals are NOT objects

Miranda Larimer

Animals are used in zoos,  the circus and for people’s personal use. They are taken out of the wild and bread for profit. And even killed for trophies, but only part of them get kept, the rest are left behind. It a tragic that human can hurt a defenseless animal.

Since humans are trash. A school in Miami, Florida has a caged tiger show up to their prom, along with other animals. There are videos of the tiger obviously scared and uncomfortable. The other animals were a lemur, two macaws, and a fox. With all the loud noises and bright lights, it no place for these animals.

Animals are also not toys. You can’t get a bunny for your child as an Easter gift. Then dump them somewhere, because you don’t like the high maintenance of the animal. These animals are meant to be loved and cared for. They are supposed to be brought into the family and be part of it. You can’t say you love your animal when you neglect them. Leaving them outside, no feeding them, or hitting them.

You buy a fake plant so you don’t have to take care of them. Fake plants are objects, you don’t get an animal and treat it like a fake plant. They aren’t something you can just put on the shelf. Not something you leave in the corner and look at once in a while. Its a sad truth that we use animals. For food, clothes, and as gifts to be forgotten about.

If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love an animal an don’t deserve them.