Earth Bistro Cafe

Earth Bistro Cafe

Halina Dreger

On a warm spring day, I stepped into Cleveland’s Earth Bistro Cafe, unsure of what to expect. On Clifton, just yards away from where the city becomes Cleveland, stands the little restaurant, a self-proclaimed place for “contemporary American cuisine with a Cuban flair.”

The doors of the relaxed establishment were open, welcoming the fresh breeze that flew off of Lake Erie. Settling into the long bench with cushions that lined one wall and half of the adjacent tables, I was surprised to find out that the cafe was both a sit-down and take-out restaurant; I settled in with a menu in hand and ordered from the table, but throughout my meal runners and those who had less time popped in to order smoothies or juices from the blackboards behind the counter.

Earth Bistro has quite the extensive and unique menu– they can whip up appetizers from  quesadillas to pierogies, they offer a number of salads, and their entrees range from tofu wraps to burritos. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the cafe can make anything and everything from their menu vegan or vegetarian for just a couple of extra bucks. For instance, I munched on a grilled chicken pesto panini but wanted it to be meatless, so they simply substituted the chicken for a delicious vegetarian option. The whole sandwich itself was incredibly fresh but also very filling- especially because it came with a side of pasta salad and coleslaw- which my rumbling stomach didn’t complain about.

Sunday mornings and afternoons- from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.- bring with them a breakfast menu to Earth Bistro. Some of their specialties include pancakes, waffles, omelettes and quesadillas- which can all be made vegan as well!

In addition to their meals, Earth Bistro Cafe’s drinks do not fail to amaze! I ordered an “Ocean Side” smoothie with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, yogurt and orange juice and was not disappointed. Other drink options include coffee, tea and hot chocolate, all of which I hope try when I return. Their meals can be wrapped up with a decadent desert such as vegan or regular cheesecake, which I would have loved to try if my stomach had not been so full!

Eating at Earth Bistro Cafe was a delightful experience, and I hope to return soon to try more of their incredible food. The service was equally wonderful, and our server- also the manager- chatted and joked with my companions and I as we ordered and waited for our food. Whether you want to enjoy a full meal or you need a quick smoothie break while working out, Earth Bistro is the ideal place for something nutritious and delicious!

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