Thursday May 17, 2018


Listen up seniors!  Please check your homes & lockers for textbooks & borrowed calculators, and if you are finished with the books & calculators, please return them to the Old Bookroom beginning May 21st, otherwise they will be added to your fees and you will not receive your diploma if the fees are not paid up.


Senior dress-up day is May 23rd, your last day at LHS.  There will be a reception in the Ranger Café after school.  If you pre-ordered a senior flower, come to the bookroom first thing in the morning on May 23rd to pick it up.


And don’t forget that there is a MANDATORY graduation rehearsal Friday, June 1st in the Civic at 8:30 AM.


Also seniors, please let the Book Room know as soon as possible if you do not plan to walk across the stage for commencement.  If this is the case you will not be receiving tickets for graduation.


This is an announcement to all students, beginning Monday, May 21st, when you are finished with your textbooks, make sure to return the books to the Old Bookroom on the 3rd floor at the top of the stairs in the B building no later than May 31st…repeat, return them to the Old Bookroom.  Also make sure that everything is out of your lockers by May 31st, the last day of school.  Otherwise, you will be charged for any textbook not returned to the bookroom by May 31st.  Do not leave any books outside of either Bookrooms, any books left outside of the Bookrooms will be added to your fees.



ANYONE wishing to hang posters or signs around Lakewood High School will need to get approval from the Bookroom before you can put anything up.  Also, you cannot put anything up with duct tape, masking tape, or scotch tape.  The only tape that you are allowed to use is the blue painters or Frog tape.


Seniors, (if you attended Lakewood City Schools’ elementary schools) please stop by your house office to pick up your elementary school memorabilia


Seniors in French Honor Society, please come to the book room to order your honor chord for graduation.  Honor Chords are $7.25.  You will receive your Honor Chord before commencement on June 3rd.


Top of the mornin’ to ya LHS!!  The Travel Club 2019 Spring Break Trip will be going to IRELAND!   An informational meeting will be held on May 22nd @ 6pm in the Ranger Café!   Tell your parents, bring a friend and learn how you can take this next adventure with us!  Questions?  See Mrs. Breckel in A210


Attention 9th, 10th, and 11th graders!  The Fresh Start mentor application was emailed to your school email account.  Please complete the application no later than Wednesday, May 23nd!  Please see Mrs. Firstenberger in House 1 if you have questions.


Attention all boys interested in playing high school basketball next season.  There will be open gyms Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30pm until the end of the school year.  Please wear appropriate shoes and attire.