High School

High School

Maddy McFarlin

High School, it is something else. Everyone says it is the best years of your life. Honestly it can really suck sometimes. On the other hand it can also be pretty great, that does not happen very often. I am only a sophomore but I still have 2 more years to go, so I don’t know about all of it.

Some people are always so stressed out about homework, grades and tests. On the other hand some people are stressed about looks and popularity. In high school you don’t need to be friends with everyone. You should just have your group and the people who have your back. Not everyone because people will back stab you very quickly.

The drama in high school is also very stupid. It will not matter in 5 years when you are doing your own thing. If you get bullied just remember the people who do that are insecure and have problems with themselves.

Make sure you take classes you enjoy. Try to have at least one friend in the class but if you don’t that is fine too. If you have no one in the class you can make new friends.

You want to be able to push yourself to do better things. Like I am taking AP Lang next year and I never thought I could do that. Open up and explore new things too, join clubs and sports teams.

Some of the people you meet in high school you will see later on and might still be friends with. I promise you that popularity does not matter. It seems like it does and should but no one truly cares.

Just get through these 4 years and then you will be gone. Have fun though try to not make it terrible even though it might be at some points.