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    Lucky’s Market Grand Opening

    Luckys Market Grand Opening

    Lucky’s Market is a new grocery store that opened on Wednesday May 16,2018.  It is located on Clifton Boulevard in Cleveland Ohio and the address is 11620.  And they didn’t do a traditional cutting of the red-ribbon in the front of the store but they sliced a huge slab of bacon with a ninja knife.

    The opening of Lucky’s Market, in Cleveland Ohio, is the second store to be open in Ohio and it is also a Colorado based chain line.

    Lucky’s Market was started by two chefs from Boulder, Colorado in 2003 and those two chefs names are Trish and Bo. They say “We believe that good food should not be a luxury, it should be a right,”  which I believe is true. They also say “A store that does serious work, without taking itself too seriously. A store dedicated to good food. And making sure that everyone can enjoy it.”

    The saying that Lucky’s Market is most known for is ” We all eat. It is the one thing we all share. Food brings us together.” This shows that they care a lot about the food they are making and how it is given out to everyone.

    Lucky’s Market does not only offer great grocery food products they also have a kitchen, coffee shop, sushi, burritos, poke bowl, and ramen bar, a deli shop, and lastly a bakery.

    They chose to open up another Lucky’s Market in Cleveland is because they said they were looking ” for cities that are vibrant and full of people who love good food and just want to explore new flavors and have different kind of experiences.”

    Cleveland is just the right place for each and every one of those things they are looking for.


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