New School Year, New Technology


Juniors Max Budzar and Sean O’Donnell working hard on their new Chromebooks.

Jillian Moorman

A new school year means fresh books, pencils, notebooks, planners, and of course high tech upgrades.

What do you think students favor the most– technology!!

With the start of the new year, students are getting acclimated to the new technology supplies provided to them.  All freshman, sophomores, and juniors received brand new chromebooks to be used for educational purposes within the first couple days of school

. It is a great way to start off the year. Max Budzar, Junior, stated, “The new chromebooks seem increasingly sturdier than the ones we had last year. My laptop last year would have to be fixed continuously as the letters on the keyboard would fall off often.”

Not only does the sturdier laptop eliminate students losing valuable time on the internet, but our staff has to take less time to repair them.

Students getting to indulge in the new chromebooks is not the only new technology the school has added for the school year; they added 4 additional printing stations.

This will essentially eliminate the crowd headed to the library during their free periods.

Molly Roche, senior, believes that the new rooms are “more convenient and accessible to students. Although I do not have a chromebook as a senior, it still makes it much easier to get assignments printed.”

Guess what is even better than just new chrome books or new printing labs — the two working in conglomeration.

You can use chromebooks to print to the printers instead of having to log onto the desktop. This new feature could definitely be considered a time saver.

Technology has always been prominent at Lakewood High School, but it is slowly increasing its use in advanced forms–the staff and students of Lakewood High School could not be happier.