2018 Lakewood Hall of Fame Inductees


Sam Stone

In Lakewood, there is no short supply of examples of successful, compassionate, overall talented individuals. These 2018 inductees into the Lakewood Hall of Fame are examples.

Patti Komperda taught in Lakewood from 1975 to 2006. She was seen as a leader and a pioneer of team teaching techniques that became example inside and outside the Lakewood school district. She went on to teach outside of Lakewood.

John Drotleff is simply described by his “passion for music that is absolutely infectious,” as told by Alumni Hall of Fame honoree, David Malloy. Drotleff taught from 1987 to 1994 and acted as chair for the LHS Fine Arts Department as well as a choir conductor.

Janis Lushbaugh Soeder graduated from Lakewood in 1964. She has been an member of various councils and clubs including the Junior Women’s Club of Lakewood and the Lakewood PTA (being president for both groups). Her work is accredited to be the grassroots to H20.

Adam Gold graduated in 2003 and was known for his talents and leadership ability on the soccer field. His leadership is seen by Coach Toth to still shine through today as he periodically returns to interact with the team.

Aaron Johnston-Peck graduated in 2003 and was a record-holding cross-country runner. In his senior year, Johnston-Peck broke a quarter century record in the 2300, his time being 9:19.4.

Kelsey Moran graduated in 2009 and was on the varsity swim team for all four years of high school. She was a state qualifier for her 100M backstroke (57.78) and butterfly (58.25).

Michelle Sikes graduated in 2003 and has been called by some as “the greatest female distance runner in LHS history.” She was a State Champion and an All-American in Lakewood. She finished number three in her class rank.

Julie Zickes Laub graduated in 1988 and was a multiple year state-qualifying gymnast. In 1985 she was the OSHAA District Champion on the balance beam and she was named ‘Sun West’ MVP in 1987.

Jennifer Griveas graduated in 1994 and has accomplished much outside of graduating. Notably is her legal work pro bono for the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland as well as a member of various advocacy groups for the elderly. She continues residency in Lakewood with her family.

Michae “Mickey” Krivosh graduated in 1970 and is recognized as a pillar of the Lakewood community. Krivosh is the owner of the Around the Corner Saloon that has been in the community for over 44 years and is one of the most notable bars on the West Side. He is a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce and has helped organize various programs such as Community Meals and Taste of Lakewood.

Dave Malloy is a talented writer and composer in his creation of  12 musicals including Tony-winning story Natasha, Pierra & The Great Comet of 1812. In Lakewood he was a member of the Barnstormers drama club along with Vive L’Four.

Issam “Sam” Shaker graduated in 1960 and was a Lebanese immigrant. He showed great academic success and went on to become a pediatric surgeon. He is also a member of the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross.