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    Is 14725 Detroit Avenue Cursed?

    The now closed Burgers to Beer.
    The now closed Burgers to Beer.

    Downtown Lakewood is filled with dozens of restaurants, bars, and storefronts, always buzzing with people going from place to place at all times of the day.

    With everything in walking distance, it is the perfect city to go out and enjoy the town. One would think that a restaurant located on the corner of Detroit (a main street) and Warren (a street leading to I-90) would be booming with business from local and out-of-town customers.

    However–that has not been the case in recent years. From Eddie Cerino’s, to World of Beer, and now Burgers to Beer, it seems that nothing in that building can stay.  Burgers to Beer: an inexpensive, quick, and  family friendly restaurant.

    What is not to like?

    Plenty of restaurants bearing similar qualities, such as Deagans, are successful and just across the street. Not to mention, there is a whole parking lot behind the restaurant, so that is not an issue.

    So–that brings us to the question, why did Burgers to Beer close? Some say that they fell behind on rent, maybe that is the problem with the building, it is too expensive to afford for a new restaurant.

    When fellow student, Jayden Reyes, was asked what he thought about the closing of Burgers to Beer, his response was “I am not really too shocked, the food there was mediocre at best. But, it was a cool spot to go eat.” Even if the food was not the best quality, it still was an easy local restaurant to dine at.

    Regardless of price or other factors, it is still incredibly suspicious that no restaurant has been able to stay open and successful for long intervals of time.

    So, maybe 14725 Detroit Avenue is cursed, for there is no other explanation.

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