Benjamin Manner


The shade hung over us, blocking the light of the rising sun. Sweat dripped from our brows as the humidity stuck to us. Anxiousness emitted from everyone, to finally end this nightmare. The platoons before our gleefully made their way forward. Minutes dragged on as we waited to be marched up the stairs, and onto the open parade field. “Forward, March.” The words we had been so eagerly awaiting, finally it was our turn, As I reached the top of the stairs, the sunlight blinded me for a moment, but then I gazed at the hundreds of families awaiting us. Our drill sergeant yelled a cadence as he marched us, and each of us matched him as our shouts roared like thunder, for this was the end.

We reached the bleachers, and up there in the bleachers I spotted my family. Flashes dotted our vision as photos were taken and videos recorded. At last we were dismissed, we hesitated for a moment due to the surreal aspect of our situation. Then in a great wave we all rushed forward, toward our salvation. The frustration and tiredness which had plagued all of us was instantaneously cured. For a moment all was good.