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    LHS Track Star: Tyler Hannah


    This week’s featured athlete is Tyler Hannah, who is a senior at Lakewood High School. Hannah has been running LHS track for two years now but has been running for as long as he could remember. He decided to run track in middle school just for fun and to receive a gym credit. He joined the sport for academic reasons, but ended up falling in love with sport.

    He was at Groveport Madison in the Columbus area last year (2017) before transferring to Lakewood, Ohio. Hannah has lead the LHS track team to a ‘Ranger Relay Championship’ in the spring of 2018. Today, Hannah qualifies for state competition running in the ‘110 hurdles final.’ You can definitely say Hannah is an asset to LHS and LHS’s track team.

    Q: What are your plans after high school?

    A: After high school, I plan to attend college as a student athlete and get my degree while still competing as well. I would love to go to the Olympics, if everything goes well.

    Q: What’s your favorite class at LHS and why?

    A: My favorite class at LHS has to be Chemistry with Ms. Zaaeed just because she’s one of my favorite teachers and I enjoy studying in Science.

    Q: Do you plan on playing track in college?

    A: I do plan on running track full-time in college. All year round.

    Q: How long have you been running track?

    A: I’ve run ever since the seventh grade. I ran since I was a bit younger, but I didn’t actually run for an organized team then.

    Q: What do your friends think of your athletic success?

    A: Some of my friends praise my success and congratulate me, while some others simply ignore it, and that’s always fine. Just as long as I know all of my hard work is recognized by someone, I’m fine.

    Q: How do you handle missing out on activities with friends because of your athletic schedule? 

    A: Missing out on hanging with friends sometimes due to track related activities is a lifestyle I’ve adapted to. Friendships and experiences are very important, however, I take my studies and athletic career extremely serious, which allows me to take care of my business while keeping balanced relationships with friends.

    Q: How does the team make you a different player?

    A: I think my team makes me a different runner just because I am always held to a standard and many people look up to me. Having that reputation gives me even more drive to perform my best ability and push myself further than what I think I can. Every time I step on the track, my mind knows what’s to come, and in a way, it’s exciting.

    Q: Is there anything that you regret in your athletic career?

    A: One thing I regret about my running career is that I didn’t take advantage and start running earlier. But I believe it’s working out just fine.

    Q: What is your motive?

    A: My motive to run track comes from the love I have for it and the huge amounts of support we have. It’s so nice to see complete strangers bond over the sport also. An amazing experience to say the least. Nothing beats running to me because I feel free and I’m always looking to improve myself and my athletic ability.



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