Dress code, How Fair is it?

Dress code, How Fair is it?

Maddy McFarlin

The dress code is something that will always be a problem. No one will ever be happy, but it will also never be fair to everyone.

The dress code was recently just changed and it is very lenient now, but there are still some problems with it. Here is the good and bad about the dress code.

The good: We are allowed to wear more of what we want to. We can also be more comfortable. We can wear something that we feel comfortable in. We do not waste anymore time getting dress coded all the time.

The bad: The dress code is very sexiest. Guys can wear pretty much whatever they want, but if you are a girl you are limited not as much as before but you still are. We always have staff watching us making sure we are still in dress code.

I have repeatedly noticed a staff member talk to girls about one of the dress code rules which is, when you wear leggings you must have a shirt covering your butt. This staff member is a male and it is uncomfortable to know that a male staff member is looking at us. He is also looking at our butts to make sure they are covered.

Instead of looking at female’s body parts you could try to make the school a slightly better place. Halle Breudigam, a junior girl in my lunch that I constantly witness getting dress coded for this stated, “I have been personally victimized by the dress code and by the authorities who exhibit sexism among young girls in the school.”

Staff members will dress code girls for not having a shirt that covers their butt, what about with jeans if there is no rule with them then there should be no rule with leggings. What about the guys and when they sag and have their underwear show. They do not get yelled at for that when they are showing their actual underwear.

Girls are just minding their own business but getting yelled at and taken out if class or late to class for reasons like this. That is not okay, the world is changing and so should we.