Sunday Night Football Packers vs Bears


Ali Alhamdani

On Sunday September 9th 2018 something really amazing happened to football. The NFL has Sunday night football every Sunday. Those games are usually the best games of the NFL season. The two teams that played that night were the Green Bay Packers against the Chicago Bears.  The two teams  have been a rivalry match up for years now.

The Green Bay Packers lead the series 97-94-6 against the Chicago Bears. This past Sunday night the people had a game to watch! Everyone thought it would be a blow out by the Packers but guess again  — the Packers won by one point at the end of the game! In the first quarter of the game the Packers could not stop the Bears.

The Packers defense struggled to stop the run game in the first quarter. The Chicago Bear’s running back Jordan Howard went off in the first quarter! He had fourteen carries for eighty-two yards so each carry was about five yards. The first touchdown didn`t come till the late first quarter and it was not Jordan Howard. It was the Bear’s quarterback Mitch Trubisky. He had one touchdown and it was by running the ball. The Packers could not stop him at the time. It was 7-0 Bears.

In the second quarter it was all defense for both teams. Khalil Mack the linebacker for the Bears who is getting the second highest paid contract in sports history. Mack had a pick six against the Packers. The score was 14-0 Bears.

After that play, Aaron Rodgers got sacked by Mack and Rodgers got hurt. Aaron Rodgers could not walk on his own so they had to get him in the locker room to check him out. Every Green Bay fan was worried for Aaron Rodgers. Late in the second quarter the Bears scored three points by a field goal. It was 17-0 at halftime.

In the third quarter the Packers and Bears only scored three points so it was 20-3 Bears. Everyone thought the game was over.

Out of nowhere Aaron Rodgers showed up on the sideline and he was ready to play! Every fan was yelling his name. When he was on the field he threw three touchdowns in twelve minutes!

The first touchdown was a 57 yard touchdown and the second was a 15 yard touchdown and the third was 32 yard touchdown. After those plays back to back everyone was shocked. The Packers defense was on attack mode and shut down the Bears in the fourth quarter.

It was one of the best comebacks in sports history.