Eliza Richardson

Eliza Richardson

joseph Toole

Eliza Richardson is a senior attending Lakewood High School. She is a four-year letterman and has started varsity each year. She has shown that her commitment to her team is unrivaled through her own blood sweat and tears. As a team captain Eliza bears a substantial amount of responsibility on her shoulders. It is her duty to teach respect and work ethic to new students in the Lakewood volleyball program.

Eliza is not only an athlete, she sports a 3.915 grade point average proving her work ethic translates to the classroom. “Eliza is a beast, on and off the court she encourages us all do our best which actually helps a lot when you are feeling down.” said McKenzie Lane a fellow teammate of Eliza. Nathan Bilski also had something to say about Eliza “She is a great leader. I’ve known her for some time and she continues to amaze me.”

Eliza is not only a fall athlete, she practices year round for Lakewood High School’s volleyball team and in its off-season she plays for a highly skilled club team. She also is Lakewood High Schools senior class president. Her dedication to her team and school inspires many of her peers and audiences. Eliza has not decided on what college or University she is going to attend but is sure she wants to further her education “I’ve always wanted to go to college, right now I have three in mind but I’m not ready to decide,”  Eliza said.

She has shown excellence in the classroom, in spirit, and through athletics. Her pursuit towards greatness has forged into one of Lakewood’s finest.