Yoga Club


Madyson Layelle Al-Aseili

Namaste, homies.

This year will be ‘Yoga Club’s” second year here at LHS. The first meeting was September 11th, 2018, but the club meetings will be held every Tuesday in room ‘C112.’ If you have ever been interested with reaching your ‘inner self,’ suggest joining LHS’s ‘Yoga Club.’

Mrs. Konopinski, who is an intervention specialist at LHS, is the faculty sponsor of ‘Yoga Club,’ with her dog along with her.

Max Boland, a senior at LHS, went to the second club meeting on September 18th and said it was the most relaxed she’s ever been in a while.

“I went to yoga club for the first time yesterday and while in the process, I felt calm in class, which is surprising cause that’s where most of my anxiety happens. Mrs. Konopinski and her therapy dog lead our yoga session. It was the most relaxed I’ve been in a while.”

Many people have many different opinions about yoga and what it actually does for you.

“I started practicing yoga when I was 10-year-old. Little did I know about what yoga actually is. I assumed yoga was nothing but to be super flexible and able to perform advanced asanas. It was during the course of my graduation did i learn that Yoga is not just performing asanas, not just breathing, not only meditation or relaxation but is a way of life. The best lifestyle one can adapt to lead a healthy (not just the physical health but psychological, psycho-social, moral and spiritual health) life.

Yoga is the Guru who light the path of your journey and the friend who motivates you.Yoga is your food that gives you strength. It’s your breath that gives you energy, the thoughts that form you and the actions that you perform. Yoga is your conscience that guides you and your consciousness that protect you. It’s your self that completes you.

The more you know about yoga, the more you know about yourself and vice versa.” – Deepashree Shashidhar,

In fact, it is scientifically proven that yoga can benefit you o lead a healthier mental and emotional state, as well as a healthier physical life.

1.) Can Decrease Stress

2.) Relieves Anxiety

3.) May Reduce Inflammation

4.) Could Improve Heart Health

5.) Improves Quality of Life

6.) May Fight Depression

7.) Could Reduce Chronic Pain

8.) Could Promote Sleep Quality

9.) Improves Flexibility and Balance

10.) Could Help Improve Breathing

11.) May Relieve Migraines

12.) Can Increase Strength

If you’re interested in trying to maintain a healthy life, I suggest joining yoga club. If you’re busy or just can’t make it, try it on your own at home. Health is important and it should always be first.

Yoga club is on Tuesdays, 3:15-4:15 pm in room C112, held by Mrs. Konopinski.