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    Mallory Moorman

    Mallory Moorman

    Mallory Moorman is a sophomore here at Lakewood High School. Moorman is on the varsity volleyball team, has been involved with H20, and plans on continuing her involvement in the school community while she excels in her academics.

    I sat down and talked with Mallory about her first two years here at the high school. This is what she had to say:

    Q: What do you enjoy most about the high school?

    A. “The thing I enjoy most about the high school is everything it has to offer. The school has a large range of clubs that are open to everyone, which is definitely a bonus. Also, the West Shore program is a very unique aspect that lets students engage with kids our age and interests from different districts.”

    Q:How are your academics?

    A: “My academics are mostly A’s and B’s. Trying to manage time is the key to balancing all extra-curricular activities and school work. Of course my grades are my first priority.”

    Q: Favorite class and favorite teacher here so far?

    A: “My favorite teacher here at the high school is Mr. Smith. I had him freshman year for World History and really got to know him. I do not have a favorite class here. Everything has been enjoyable.

    Q: Best memory so far?

    A:”My favorite memory in my two years at the high school so far has been witnessing the boys’ basketball team win conferences. I felt honor to be a part of their winning season.”

    Q: Favorite extra-curricular activity?

    A:”My favorite extra-curricular activity is playing volleyball; I enjoy playing with the school and on my club team during the off season. It gives me something to do and benefits my health and social life. Overall, it makes me one happy girl.”






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