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    Spotify and Team Up To Make Custom Playlists For You

    People say that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. Ancestry and Spotify took that to whole new level.

    Move over Apple Music, Spotify is here to take the best music streaming business throne.

    Ancestry and Spotify are teaming up to make playlists based on their user’s DNA. An announcement made by the Ancestry company, took to Twitter last Thursday, stating that it has officially partnered with Spotify to bring DNA-inspired playlists.

    Basically how it works is anyone who has ever submitted one of Ancestry’s at-home DNA tests can link their account to Spotify and enjoy a playlist that takes Spotify’s own view of your taste in music that is popular and culturally notable to your ancestral homelands.

    For people who haven’t used Ancestry, or aren’t comfortable using the platform, there is a cool new feature that will break down your listening habits in Ancestry’s piecemeal style.

    If you’ve already gave your DNA data to Ancestry and would like to know what sort of playlists to expect, check out this jezebel article by Ashley Reese, for her experience with the new feature, which by the read of it, wasn’t so great.

    I’m sorry to report that the colonizer section of my playlist f**king sucks.” – Ashley Reese.

    It also seems like Reese wasn’t the only customer who didn’t enjoy this new feature. Many other customers have their own opinion as well.


    While many customers are excited or ambiguous about this new feature, Spotify has been doing a lot recently to pull in the new consumers and big income to make sure they stay on top as one of the most recognized music streaming services. With student discounts, a Hulu subscription including Showtime, and updated personal playlists for you, the competition is real.




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