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    Kavanaugh Hearings Kick Off


    The Brett Kavanaugh hearings began yesterday on September 27th. Seen as a partisan fight as democrats pushed for the extension of the hearing before bringing Kavanaugh to Senate for the vote. Republicans push for his appointment vote to be put into action some time next week.


    However, those on the other side of the aisle push for a delay. The delay relies on the FBI investigation into the charges, including Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s case. Dr. Ford was the first of three women to speak out about being assaulted by the justice nominee. The Bar Association has also called for the delays for the investigation to come to a close.


    The vote currently stands one shy of the majority it would take to nominate Kavanaugh. There exists the dilemma. Are those against the vote going through want justice served or see it as a chance to prevent the appointment that would create a conservative majority on the Supreme Court?


    There is a fear of not getting justice for these women. Their cases have been scrutinized as false. But Dr. Ford agreed to take a polygraph test in August and came back as true, being asked the questions if she had fabricated any part of the story and if she had outright lied about the incident. To both, she said “no.” The polygraph is not permissible evidence, hence why Republicans are not requesting the notes from the therapy visits where Ford relayed her experiences first in 2012. Ford’s team refuses out of Ford’s right to privacy.


    “After Anita Hill, you would think this wouldn’t be allowed to happen again. But listening to Dr Ford while she was choking up while talking about almost being raped. It reminded me a lot of how Hill was describing her being harassed by Thomas. Being embarrassed and reliving a painful memory. At least this time around there were more women. But it just—it disappoints me that…this is happening again. We didn’t learn anything. And I worry that just like justice Thomas, there will be a justice Kavanaugh,” Lakewood Alumni and Cleveland State Student, Abigail Stone describes gravely.


    The hearing carries on and one can only see if the appointment will get the majority it needs. Until then, the country is on the edge of their seats.

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