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    Essential Restaurants in Lakewood


    Lakewood is a very well-known place due to the variety of popular restaurants. Lakewood has steadily become one of the best food neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio. Here are some of the places that you definitely shouldn’t miss. From barbecue to vegan to burgers to Mexican and Indian, Lakewood has it almost everything you can think of.

    Sarita a Restaurant, located at 14523 Madison Avenue, an American restaurant. The goal of this restaurant is to provide a healthy, somewhat fancy meal choice for Americans, who are into a variety of choices for food. The food is great, ranging from pizzas to burgers to pasta. This seems to be a Lakewood favorite.

    Cleveland Vegan located at 17112 Detroit Ave. Cleveland Vegan has one of, if not the most extensive vegan menu in town. ‘S’more French Toast’, ‘Creamy Shiitake Benedict’ and the ‘Buffalo Cauliflower Dip’ are three most popular dishes at the restaurant. They also have very tasty baked goods according to yelp reviews.

    Angelo’s Pizza located at 13715 Madison Ave. One of the most popular places in Lakewood due to its rocking pizza. Arguably the best in all of Northeast Ohio, Angelo’s on Madison is the spot. Whether you stay traditional and stick to the normal pepperoni or cheese or get crazy with a Philly cheese steak or baked potato pizza, the varieties are endless.

    Georgetown located at 18515 Detroit Ave. Old spot of Three Birds, Georgetown has an amazing menu with pizza, and charred beef tenderloin. But also owns one of the most beautiful patios in Cleveland. The food is pretty great too, reviewers highly recommend the sausage-stuffed banana peppers, any of the pizza appetizers and the charred beef tenderloin as I mentioned.

    “The Pear & Gorgonzola salad is delicious and a great summer choice.” – Yelp reviewer.

    Last but not least, Dewey’s pizza. My personal favorite and a great pizza place to go to with the family and even friends. I recommend the buffalo chicken pizza with their ranch sauce. Many more varieties of pizzas but there is so much to choose from.


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