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    Salmonella Outbreak


    Salmonella poisoning affects around 1.4 million Americans each year and is responsible for almost half the bacterial infections in the United States. There have been recent reports of a salmonella outbreak across the states and 38 people, and counting, have been affected by this disease.

    Salmonella is a food borne illness that is most commonly linked to contaminated water or foods. The most common items that can carry salmonella are contaminated meat, poultry, and eggs.

    Tests have traced the infectious eggs to a city in Alabama. They claimed to have issued a recall on the eggs on September 8th, 2018 according to NBC News. These eggs were primarily sold in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

    The salmonella cases have been reported in Colorado, Montana, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Alabama. 24 new cases have been reported since September 20th alone according to NBC News. CDC advises anyone who has purchased any eggs from the egg company Gravel Ridge Farms to take them back as soon as possible.

    Salmonella is not something to take lightly. 10 people have been hospitalized out of the 38 cases that have been reported so far. Salmonella symptoms may include diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Most recover without treatment, but some cases are severe enough to send you to the hospital.

    Even the young students at our beloved Lakewood High School feel very uneasy about this illness. “Salmonella is not that common, it is pretty hard to catch. It is a food borne illness but it is not that common. I personally would not like to catch a case of salmonella but what does not kill you makes you stronger, am I right?” Says senior Miranda Larimer.

    Next time you think you may have salmonella, head to your local doctors office. Catch it before it gets too late!



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