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    Goodbye to Chief Wahoo


    The Cleveland Indians wrapped up their season with an 11-3 loss to the Houston Astros on Monday, October 8. With that loss came the replacing of the famous Chief Wahoo logo and mascot.

    Chief Wahoo has been with the Indians since 1947, although the design was changed in 1950. The name Chief Wahoo had come from the popular comic strip called “Big Chief Wahoo” that ran from 1936 to 1947. It became the official name of the mascot in 1952.

    Although the Chief Wahoo logo will not be seen on the uniforms in the upcoming season, official merchandise with the character will still be available in the team shops for purchase by fans of the team and those in favor of keeping the logo. The only place you will not be able to buy it is on the M.L.B website.

    With the official logo being changed to the “Block C”, the Indians announced that they will not be changing the name of the team.

    In 2016, when the Indians made their way to the World Series, a lawsuit was filed to have the team change the logo while playing in Toronto. The lawsuit included to have both the logo and the team name banned on Canadian TV.

    Every year at the Indians home opener, Native American groups protest outside in hopes of getting the team to drop the name and logo.

    “Chief Wahoo has been a Cleveland icon for decades but Cleveland has entered a renaissance and it’s time for a change. Although I’ll be sad to see the Chief leave, I’m excited for new ideas to emerge,” said LHS alumni Kathleen Kelley.

    Countless Indians fans have remained loyal to the logo and team name. That being said, it is certain that the presence of Chief Wahoo will remain strong in Progressive Stadium.

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