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    Potential 2020 Presidential Nominees

    Potential 2020 Presidential Nominees

    With midterms fast approaching, voters can’t help but wonder who the potential 2020 nominees for the democratic and republican primaries will be. Primary elections work to decide which candidates will be on the ballot for the national convention.

    Some of the potential democratic candidates include; Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Former Vice President Joe Biden.

    Senator Sherrod Brown is currently up for reelection as a Democratic Senator of Ohio.  He is known to work for the people, his association with Planned Parenthood, and his support for the innovation of Ohio.

    Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont ran against Hillary Clinton during the primaries of 2016. He was heavily supported by the next generation of voters, and is known for his liberal policies and feminist views.

    Former Vice President, Joe Biden, was in office from 2009 to 2017. He worked alongside President Obama. Joe Biden is known for his progressive views on LGBT+ and women’s rights.

    The republican candidates, including current POTUS Donald Trump, are Governor John Kasich and Governor Charlie Baker.

    Governor John Kasich of Ohio was reelected in 2014. He unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2016, but has said he plans to run again. John Kasich is known for his moderate conservative views.

    Current President, Donald Trump, will also be running in the Republican primary for reelection.

    Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusettes also plans to run. As of July of 2018, he had the highest approval rating of any US Governor, 69%.

    LHS Senior, Sara Bitter, says this will be the first election she can vote in. “I’m unsure of who I’m voting for, but I really liked Bernie Sanders for the last election. I’m also going to consider Joe Biden.”

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