Flu Season

Flu Season

Kaitlyn Rosa

It is officially the most dreaded time of the year. The time when sniffles turn into the flu and the flu can then, unfortunately, turn into death. It is flu season ladies and gentlemen. Now, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent this catastrophe or how you can catch the flu early enough.

What is the flu? The influenza virus, most commonly known as the flu, is a very contagious respiratory illness. This means that the flu can infect the nose, throat, and/or the lungs. The flu can be so mild that you do not even know you contracted the virus or it could be as severe to the point of death. It is very important to know what the symptoms are (muscle pain, dry cough, chills, dehydration, fatigue and other common cold symptoms) so you can get things fixed up as soon as possible! Sadly, some do not catch it in time.

Alas, one family was not fortunate enough to catch this virus quick enough. Nine-year-old Cody Simons claimed he was feeling “sleepy,” and “groggy,” and he had told his parents this. His parents had just assumed it was a common cold, but sadly, it was not just a common cold. It was the flu. Cody passed away just days after telling his parents he was not feeling ill, according to BBC News. His parents were baffled. They had no idea that the flu was capable of taking such a young life. They are now urging the public to get your flu shots.

The flu has even been contracted by some of Lakewood High School’s finest students! “Having the flu was one of the worst experiences ever. It has infected so many people and it will continue to do so for a very long time. It is a potentially life threatening and sad,”  says senior Semra Dervisevic.

The flu is not something to take lightly. Even if you show just the smallest of symptoms you are greatly urged to get yourself checked out by a licensed medical professional (a doctor). The most effective way to prevent yourself from catching yourself a case of influenza is the flu shot. The flu shot is a vaccine that is made, and given, to protect yourself from the virus. You can get one almost anywhere from minute clinics to your primary doctor.