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    Stormy Daniels and Trump Back at it With Defamation


    Earlier this year, known adult film star, Stormy Daniels, came out with news of a sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006.  She reported how years later a man told her to keep quiet about the matter (a sketch artist did a rendering of the individual this past April. The picture was seen as a “con” by Trump and his accusations was later brought to court for defamation against Daniels).

    There also is the fact that in 2016, Micheal Cohen (Trump’s lawyer), paid her $130,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the encounter. An agreement both Trump and Daniels attempted to nullify.

    Daniels as of now has lost in her fight against defamation over the forensic sketch, as a judge has thrown away her whole case against Trump, saying it was “rhetorical hyperbole” that was protected under the first amendment.

    That’s where October 16 comes into play. Trump tweeted and Daniels responded.

    In all honesty? Stormy Daniels is correct. Trump got away with not getting charged with anything, but he still has shown behaviors that are far more than unpresidential. There are just foul. This has become more of not about his legal actions, but his character.

    If Trump handled this maturely, now, it would be different. He is in the public eye, so he is aware that reaction is more important than the actual event. How do you atone? How do you retort?

    Falling low to insult the appearance of the woman you feel has attacked you says more about you than her. You act immaturely and impulsively. Teenagers have a better sensor on their tweets than our president.

    “I believe that this is only the first battle in a war between the two. Stormy already has another suit pending, and her lawyer believes he will be able to overturn the first one being thrown out. If he goes to court with her it really won’t change anything ultimately. It’s also very rude of him to attack [Stormy] based on her physical appearance,” Rebecca Parch, a senior at LHS, had to say on the matter.


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