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    Unnecessary Rules


    Everywhere you go there are rules. Which is good in some aspects but in others it is not the best. The way rules are made is by someone else’s not so smart decisions. Most of them are for our own safety which is true but some of them are just there.

    When you are at school they come up with so many rules that are unfair at sometimes. I understand you have to wear your I.D. I am not fighting with that because that is necessary.  I just think the way they “discipline” the students is not handled correctly.

    Personally I think the rule on wearing headphones in the hallway is pointless. The rule is no headphones worn in the hallways or else you are disciplined — which pretty much just means you get a detention. Their reasoning to no headphones is if we are wearing them then we can not hear what is going on around us. Please tell me what is so important that I can not have my headphones in from point A to point B — which is probably two or so minutes away.

    I just do not think that there is a need for this rule. It is better than us standing in the hallway blocking others from going to class (this happens too often). You never know what is going on in someones life; they could have had a really rough day and does not want to talk to anyone. The music may be helping them cope with something. They are in their own mindset when they are walking with their headphones in minding their own business — but that is just such a problem.

    “I  get yelled at and in trouble all of the time for wearing headphones in the hallway and I think it is so annoying.”-Miabella Doerr

    To fix this problem let us have our headphones in. We have to have the volume down so it is not blasting, that everyone in the hall can hear. Another adjustment could be just having one headphone in. Just stop with the  unnecessary rules. Instead of worrying about kids with headphones in worry about something that is actually important and that will actually help/benefit the school.

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