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    Suspicious Packages sent to Democrat Officials


    With every intercepted pipe bomb and suspicious package, fear spread from New York to Washington, Florida, Delaware and California. The devices were stashed in envelopes and mailed nationwide to top Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump and CNN.

    None of the bombs detonated, and no one was injured, but the FBI has said additional packages may have been mailed to other locations. Investigators believe some of the packages might have originated in Florida, according to a law enforcement official. A second law enforcement official told CNN on Thursday that federal investigators were in Florida, chasing down leads. Most of the packages had a similar return address: that of US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Florida, whose last name was misspelled on the package.The pipe bombs were not only sent to office addresses, but residential as well.

    Some of the Democrats that were targeted were former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. The package that was sent to Barack Obama was intercepted in Washington during mail screening procedures and on Tuesday the FBI intercepted a package that was headed to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s residence in Chappaqua, New York.

    On Thursday, authorities discovered two packages at post offices in Delaware addressed to the former vice president, Joe Biden. Most of the packages that were sent to these officials were in similar envelopes, raising many questions.

    Experts say the bomb maker wanted to instill fear into the officials rather than the bomb actually detonating. Senior Joe Baire said, “I find it hard to believe that the bomb maker’s motive was only to scare them”. Despite a chaotic day of what appeared to be an attempted large-scale attack on prominent Democratic figures, Trump pointed the finger at his opponents and the news media.


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