Isreali Troops Kill Palestinians


Shane Rakes

According to CBS News the Palestinian health ministry says Israeli troops have shot and killed a Palestinian youth who threw stones at the soldiers during West Bank clashes. 21-year-old Mohammed Bsharart was shot in the chest on Wednesday morning when the Israeli soldiers were confronting the village of Tamoun in northern West Bank. Five other rioters were also wounded by the live fire, 50 Palestinians instigated a riot during a routine activity to locate illegal weapons, hurling rocks, and fireworks that they could use against the Israeli troops. They routinely carry out arrests and weapon confiscating raids in the West Bank that sometimes draw clashes with the local Palestinians. In september the troops wounded dozens and killed six Palestinians following the Hamas-organized protests along the border. 2 of the dead were children, they were ages 12 and 14, all six of them sustained gunshot wounds to their upper torso and at least 90 others that were protesting were wounded by live fire.

On Monday, a Palestinian stabbed an israeli soldier in the southern West Bank city of Hebron before being shot dead by the Israeli troops.  The protesters call for an end to a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade imposed following Hamas’ violent takeover. The Israeli troops have also killed at least 143 Palestinians because protests began in late march, and  a Palestinian sniper shot and killed a soldier in August.

The bloodbath is likely to complicate the mission of Egyptian mediators, who intensified their shuttle diplomacy to be able to achieve calm and prevent a full-blown conflict between Gaza and Israel. The Israeli army did not comment on any of the deaths but 16,000 “demonstrators and rioters” gathered along the border and started setting fired and throwing grenades.

Lakewood High Schools very own Ashley Rosa said,” This is horrible, these people should not be getting shot and killed like this especially little kids.”