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    Famous Euclid Tavern Closes


    The Euclid Tavern is one of Cleveland’s oldest bars, opening its’ doors in 1909. Many famous people have played at this historic bar, including Green Day, Joan Jett and Micheal J. Fox, Peter Laughner and many others. Although it was an iconic place in Cleveland at one point, the Euclid Tavern had some rough times throughout its long history. First it closed in 2001, reopened in 2008, closed again in 2013, reopened in 2014 and is closing its doors for the again in November, 2018.

    This historic bar was leased in 2014 by the owners of Happy Dog, one of Cleveland’s well- known restaurant. The new owners turned it into the Happy Dog at the Euclid Tavern. They were hoping to bring in new customers who loved to play pin ball, listen to music, and eat their unique hot dogs. The owners were hoping to bring back the historic club that they used to love so much. Sadly, this was no the case.

    Euclid Avenue has drastically changed its look. With all of the new construction, the Euclid Tavern no longer fit the vibe. Not only is the Euclid Tavern falling to this new Euclid Avenue, but many well known bars like Dynomite, Corner Alley are closing their doors as college kids are going to the chain restaurants popping up.

    Even though Happy Dog will no longer be on the lease, the owners of the building hope to find a new tenant and keep the Euclid Tavern name alive. As Lakewood resident, John Zanghi says, “It is sad to see a Cleveland landmark closing, however, hopefully something fun will replace it.”

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