New Driving Law Regarding Teens


Jillian Moorman

There has been a new law proposed in the state of Ohio regarding teen driver’s permit.

Right now the story goes like this: you turn 15 and a half and are eligible to get your temporary license. After 6 months, when you are sixteen you can then get your license after you complete driving school and have passed the drivers test!

According to House Bill 293, the amount of time a teen holds their temporary license would be increased from six months to a year. The purpose of this change is to increase experience on the road with adult supervision. AAA provided statistics showing that when an adult is in the car, incidents happen less by about 8%.

The law would also include a change in curfew driving times. Currently a licensed driver can not be out between the hours of midnight and six in the morning. With the new law, there would be no restricted hours. Drivers would now be allowed to drive all night as long as parents are in the vehicle between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Madeline Kratz, a soon to be temporary licensed driver, stated that, “I am very disappointed that the time before getting your licenses is being increased, but I understand the reasoning behind the change. If it is for the safety of the people, then  I am all for it.”

Overall, the goal is to have students feel safer on the road, especially late at night. With this change, the state of Ohio hopes that this covers the basis for safety on the road– as it is crucial.