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    Why is this Necessary?


    When you are in lunch you should be able to do mostly whatever you want– while following the rules of course. It is your free period of the day to be with your friends and talk with them and just get away from all of the school work you have. You should not be restricted to everything.

    A new “rule” just came up with the lunchroom restroom, where you have to give them your ID before going in and only three people can go in at once. This “rule” goes for the boys and girls. With all of the stalls in the girls bathroom (there are probably 10) only three people can go in. You might as well just get rid of half the stalls then, it will save more money since only three of them are used at once.

    Everyone knows how girls like to all go to the restroom in groups. We just do it to have people to talk to while we are walking over there or while we are in there. No one is doing anything against the rules or wrong. So why is this rule coming about? There have been no problems ever in this situation. What changed?

    Another thing they do is have the doors open to the restrooms. Where is our privacy? It is not that big of a thing but we want to be able to have some sort of privacy while being in there.

    A lot of people talk about how the school is slightly like a prison and I have never realized until now that it has some of the same characteristics. We have security guards all over the school and some outside of the school patrolling it. We get in trouble for a lot of things that are just annoying. We constantly have people watching us when we are not doing anything wrong. Every single day we walk into the building through two doors and when we get past them there are probably four administrators there just watching us.

    “I just want to be able to go to the restroom whenever I want without waiting or having to deal with anyone, ”  said junior Cassidy Baldridge.

    The school could be doing so much more with helping the students instead of making these unnecessary “rules,” but hey it is all to benefit us they say.

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