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    Creator of Fortnite, Epic Games Nearly Valued at $15 Billion

    Creator of Fortnite, Epic Games Nearly Valued at $15 Billion

    In late July 2017, an online video game was released that was soon to become one of the most played and popular online game in the world.

    Epic Games Inc., the creator of huge video game success, Fortnite, is now valued at about $15 billion. Fortnite is accessible on Mac, PC, iOS, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

    “It’s not a hard game to learn, it’s just difficult to master.” –

    For those of you thinking, “What is Fortnite?” It’s an open-world survival game, where the collect resources, make tools and weapons, and try to stay alive as long as possible.

    “In short, it’s a mass online brawl where 100 players leap out of a flying bus on to a small island and then fight each other until only one is left,” “hidden around the island are weapons and items, including rifles, traps, and grenade launchers, and players must arm themselves while exploring the landscape and buildings. It’s also possible to collect resources that allow you to build structures where you can hide or defend yourself. As the match progresses, the playable area of land is continually reduced, so participants are forced closer and closer together. The last survivor is the winner.” –

    “I don’t know, it kind of reminds me of Call of Duty and Minecraft mixed into a video game.” – Selena Brahaj, LHS Alumni.

    Popular video game streamer, Ninja, and rappers Travis Scott and Drake have been seen playing the game in one of Ninja’s online video streams on

    “God’s Plan” is a song Drake dropped in January 2018. It was a very popular song at the time that had tons of nominations and awards.

    Back to the topic, it is true. Fortnite is a billion dollar franchise, making more than $300 million per month.

    “A fantastic game for all the family. The violence is cartoon-like, not gratuitous or graphic”- comment made on

    According to an Epic Games blog post, Fortnite grossed over 80 million players in August 2018, which was an incredible achievement since it’s one year release prior.

    “The games generate revenue through sales of digital items, such as special costumes, which, appear in a rotating storefront that is updated daily. Players use in-game currency to customize their appearance, and the daily refresh of the store incentivizes players to buy fresh gear or risk missing out on it entirely. Players have already spent more than $1 billion on Fortnite’s in-game purchases, according to IGN report.” –

    The ‘Epic Games’ company is co-founded by Tim Sweeney, who has a current net worth of $1.8 billion, and Mark Rein, who is vice-president of the company.

    “I play it all the time, 24/7. It’s the best game ever.” – Moe Alkhadour, LHS Sophomore.

    In conclusion, the Epic Games company has secured the bag.




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