New West Shore Program

New West Shore Program

Joseph Toole

In the spring of 2019, the West Shore Career-Technical District is adding a new program. The new addition will be focused on the studies of “Sports and Exercise science”

“Its interesting because sports are a really big part of a lot of peoples lives and creating a West Shore program that allows students to pursue that career in high school is really cool” -sophia murphy

“If I was not a senior I would probably take the class, its a good opportunity for younger grades to get introduced to the West Shore Career-Technical District and for those who want to go into that specific field to get a head start. I believe it would definitely help those who take it to find a job because of their added experience and value to any company” -Emma Walker.

“Its a great opportunity for students and athletes to be apart of, It sounds like it would interest a lot of young kids and set them up for successful future” -Ahmed Mohamed