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    SEC Bias in the College Football Playoff


    As of two weeks ago, the CFP rankings have been coming out every Tuesday alongside the AP polls. Although most people agree that these set of rankings are more accurate than the computer generated ones, people are upset at how teams are being are being evaluated.

    The top 10 teams are Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Washington State, West Virginia and Ohio State. All of these teams listed are either undefeated or have one loss besides LSU. LSU is currently ranked 7th in the country after having two losses and getting beat by 29 at home to Alabama. This shows that the playoff committee has a ton of respect for Alabama and the SEC in general because LSU only dropped 4 spots. People are upset because the Tigers are ahead of teams like West Virginia and Ohio State, who have one loss.

    I think the committee is SEC biased. Not only is LSU overrated but teams like Florida and Mississippi State are also the highest ranked two and three loss teams in the nation. This bias comes from the current dynasty that is, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Since 2009, Alabama has won 5 national championships and has dominated everyone in their path. The committee props up teams like LSU, Florida and Mississippi State to make Alabama’s strength of schedule look stronger.

    If Alabama were to win out, which would include a win over 5th ranked Georgia, it would make the committees job a lot easier. Last year the committee put two SEC schools in the playoff and people were upset because they thought there was a bias towards them. Senior Adam Hascher said, “They SEC does not deserve two teams in the playoff this year.”  If Alabama ends up with one loss the committee would be forced to put two SEC schools in the playoff, for the second year in a row.


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