Midterm Election Results are In

Midterm Election Results are In

Molly Roche

The 2018 midterm elections have made way for many changes in our government.

According to The Washington Post, Democrats have flipped the House of Representatives, which had belonged to the Republican party since 2010, with a margin of 220-194. The senate, however, is still controlled by Republicans (45-51).

Additionally, more women are projected to take seats in the house than ever before. This is most likely the result of backlash from Kavanaugh’s confirmation and the outspoken sexism that exists within the Trump administration. There is higher demand for a more representative government (women, ethnicity, minorities, and LGBT+).

The senate race in Texas in particular stands out to me as he is projected to win by a very small margin. This speaks volumes as Texas is thought of to be a predominantly “red” state, and Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke came very close to winning.

As an Ohioan, I was most concerned with the race for governor between Mike DeWine (R) and  Richard Cordray (D). DeWine has very extreme opinions on female reproductive rights and was quoted saying, “I would sign the heartbeat bill in a heartbeat.”

As a volunteer for Planned Parenthood I feel very insecure in the future of not only Planned Parenthood but female reproductive rights in general.

While elections did not go the way everyone wanted, there are many things we can now celebrate.

We have reached a record high for women in Congress, Colorado elected its first openly gay governor, over 100 LGBT+ candidates have claimed seats in Congress, and the Democrats took back the house.

In today’s polarized society it is important to celebrate every victory no matter how small.