Lakewood High Schools mock election vs actual mid-term results

Lakewood High Schools mock election vs actual mid-term results

Joseph Toole

Last week the students of Lakewood High School and the community of Lakewood hosted a mock election. The inspiration of the local mock election came from the November 6th mid-term elections. From the pseudo election, the results turned out to be a Democratic sweep, with Sherrod Brown, Richard Cordray, and Marcie Kaptur winning by a considerable amount compared to their Republican counter parts.

However those results were not mirrored in the actual mid-term election hosted on November 6th, 2018. The Democratic party flipped the majority in  the House of Representatives. While the Republican party still has the mass of the Senate. “Ohio usually goes Republican in the state-wide races. The fact that Democrats took control of the House is quite interesting,” said Stephanie Toole, a resident of Lakewood.

Aside from that, this election broke numerous records in regards to diversity. The first openly LGBTQ candidate was elected as the governor of Colorado and more openly LGBTQ candidates ran for public offices during this election than ever before. This years mid-term elections also had the most candidates, female candidates, female candidates elected, colored female candidates, and the youngest women ever elected into congress. Along with all these gender breakthroughs, the first Muslim woman was elected into congress and so was the nation’s first Native American woman. Records were also shattered from a financial stand point, “This year’s midterms are the most expensive congressional elections in US history, with the Center for Responsive Politics projecting that a total of $5.2 billion will be spent when all is said and done, far outdoing the previous record of $4.4 billion set in 2016,” said Shayanne Gal of the Business Insider.

Whether or not the results favor a particular view, both sides won in some way or another. On top of that, our country has moved forward a considerable amount and has set a good path way for the future of politics and diversity.