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    Technology Is Everywhere


    Wherever you are right now I bet that there is some sort of technology around you. If not you would not even be reading this. If I did not have some sort of technology available to me I would not be writing this either.

    All of what goes on nowadays is based on technology. The way the world has changed over the past 10 years is absolutely crazy. We have grown to depend on technology to live our everyday lives–we all use some sort of technology throughout the day. Pur use of technology can go on to be for cars, social media, cell phones,computers and many more.

    Most jobs use technology within them. They use it to fax things over, email people, make copies, print papers and so on. That makes are lives a lot easier, but would you say that makes us lazy at the same time. We have learned to just rely on technology to do everything for us. Yeah it takes us pushing a button or clicking something but technology takes over and does the whole job for you.

    Technology has its ups and downs in many ways. An upside is how it makes everything ten times better and easier. Sometimes you just have so much work piled up that when you use technology to help you it is kinda nice, you finally get the break you deserved.

    On the downside, technology is quite easy to hack in some certain circumstances. When all of your information is online I do not think that you would want that to be seen or taken. You want to feel like you and your information is safe and secure wherever it may be.

    “Technology has impacted my life in so many ways and I am very happy to live in a time when we have these amazing new creations,” said junior Tara Kantura.

    One huge factor to think about with technology is how it has led to social media and what social media has led to. Social media is an amazing thing, I won’t lie, but it has had a negative impact on the society. Social media leads kids to think that they have to do certain things or look a certain way and it has led to mental illness. In the past five years mental illness has went up significantly and the main reason is because of social media.

    Technology is a fantastic thing and everyone in the world is grateful for it, but you just need to watch out of that bad boy sometimes because it can come bite you in the butt one way or another.

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