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    Trump Tells CNN Reporter That She Asks Stupid Questions


    On Friday morning, Abby Phillip was doing her job by asking Trump questions about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Phillip was one of many reporters gathered outside the White House for a 20-minute long Q and A with President Trump. Obviously, this is a sore subject for the President as he immediately went off on her.

    Phillip asked Trump if he expected newly appointed Attorney General Matt Whitaker to be involved in the Mueller probe. Trump replied that it was up to him. It was her next question that had him through the roof.

    “Do you want Whitaker to rein in Robert Mueller?” she asked.

    Trump replied, “What a stupid question that is, what a stupid question.”

    He continued to say, “But I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions” (according to CNN).

    The way Trump talked to Abby Phillip went viral on every social media platform. Most people were livid at video of him telling her that she asks stupid questions.

    Zerlina Maxwell tweeted, ” FURIOUS!– This is only a more direct version of the condescension Black women have to deal with on a daily basis in the workplace. This is discrimination too.”

    Kathy Griffin also tweeted, ” Trump tells black women reporters they ask stupid questions because he’s a stupid racist piece of shit. Thank you Abby Phillip for doing your job well.”

    When I asked Devon Brown what he thought about Trump going off on the reporter, and he replied with, ” Trump is just plain old mean, no President should ever treat his or her own people like he does.”


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