Best Pasta In The World

Best Pasta In The World

James Morrissey

It is clear that the majority of the world likes pasta or even eats it. A global survey by the charity Oxfam, has named pasta as the world’s most popular dish. It beats out meat, rice and pizza. It is surprisingly popular in European countries, in the Philippines, Guatemala, Brazil, and even South Africa. Italy unsurprisingly consumes the most noodles, after Italy, Venezuela is the largest consumer of pasta. Global sales reached $16 billion in 2010 and trends show that spending will only rise.

Now the real question– What pasta is the best? Maybe you would think that the traditional spaghetti noodle is the best. I am here to tell you it’s not. I believe Fettuccine is superior. Not only is fettuccine famous in Italian restaurants it can be easily prepared at home. Thin sauces work best, but Fettuccine is most known to be paired with Alfredo sauce and chicken or seafood.

We asked Senior Max Lewellyn whether or not Fettuccine was his favorite pasta and why. “I love me a good old plate of Fettuccine Alfredo, it’s a classic! The noodle its self is easily top 5, it’s hard to compare because most noodles taste the same and each have their own unique sauces.” He would go on to say “–I honestly think pasta is my favorite food, it is a universal dish that everyone can enjoy.”

Fettuccine means “little ribbons” in Italian and is best known for Fettuccine Alfredo. According to Wikipedia, in 1914 a man named Alfredo Di Lelio was cooking something for his pregnant wife. The sauce he created was made from Parmesan cheese and butter and was poured over fettuccine. This dish instantly became popular. Not only is it tasty, but Fettuccine Alfredo is also good source of protein.