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    Instant Family is “Certified Fresh”

    Instant Family is Certified Fresh

    Instant Family, is a dramatic-comedy that was released November 16th, 2018.

    The film captures couple Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie Wagner (Rose Byrne) in the process of deciding to adopt their first child. They soon realize that it is much more work than just picking a kid and signing some papers.

    The couple attends training classes and soon finds themselves at an adoption fair to get a look at the kids they could possibly adopt. At the fair they meet Lizzie (Isabela Moner), a teenager with two younger siblings, Juan and Lita (Gustavo Quiroz and Julianna Gamiz).

    They decide to foster the children and later adopt them. Something that was very well articulated in the movie is that the process of adoption is very difficult and a lot of hard work.

    Though there were some elements of the film that were romanticized, the impeccable performance of every cast member made the message very clear: it’s a consistent struggle with many ups and downs, but in the end it’s extremely rewarding.

    This is a very important movie as we see a teenager get adopted, something that is quite rare in today’s society. Most of the older kids in the system age out and have to fend for themselves at that point. Maybe seeing a teen adopted on the big screen will make more prospective parents think about adopting an older child.

    LHS senior Ally Latham says, “it was very heartwarming and a major tear-jerker. It was hard to watch at some points cause it got very real, but all in all in was a great movie and I feel like I learned a lot.”

    The film was rated 80% on Rotten Tomatoes which means it is “certified fresh.” It’s a meaningful movie filled with heartfelt performances by the cast and definitely worth the watch!




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