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    Why are People so Obsessed with Celebrities?


    This past Thanksgiving break, while scrolling down my Instagram, I passed a photo of Kourtney Kardashian and her son. It seemed completely normal; however within the comments people were critiquing her parenting skills all due to her son having longer hair.

    I could not help but think: Who cares?

    Celebrities are constantly stalked, nitpicked, and judged across all types of social media; whether they do something good or bad, everyone from all over comes at them. But it does not stop online, paparazzi is persistently  following celebrities and their families. They could be going to the grocery store, to dinner, or just in their homes. It is an invasion of privacy and poses a threat to the celebrity and his or her family, especially children.

    The most upsetting part of it is, that they are treated as if they are not people and do not have feelings. If it were a normal person, for instance a high school student, being critiqued the way celebrities are, it would be considered harassment or bullying. So why is it okay to treat celebrities that way?

    The more that technology  advances, the easier it is for people to keep up with the celebrities lives, it just enables people to continuously stalks across their pictures, tweets, posts, and their day-to-day doings.

    When asking  fellow co-worker, Rechelle Ray, why she thinks people follow celebrities lives so closely she responded with, “I think it is more of an admiration and inspiration they get from that person. They probably want to be just like that person due to that admiration they have. Or they use it as an escape from reality, and strive to be in a different position.

    In the end, anyone can do as they please but, it is really odd how infatuated people are with celebrities lives when they do not know them personally.

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