Do You Dread or Love the Holidays?


Maddy McFarlin

Everyone always looks forward to the holiday season. Sometimes the holidays are not as great as they are out off to be. Some people truly dread the holiday season although some still love it a lot. There are a lot of things to love and hate about this season. Here I will list a pros and cons list….

Pros: You will get to spend time with people you love, like your friends and/or family. You can exchange presents to everyone. You can get out for winter break and get out of school, if you are still in school. You can relax in the warm inside and watch movies all day. The scenery outside is quite beautiful sometimes.

Cons: Maybe you feel uncomfortable around your bigger family and you do not like visiting them or them visiting you. Your friends may all end up being busy when you are not with your family. The gifts you receive usually are not what you want. The weather outside is freezing and it is always storming. There are always accidents and slippery roads wherever you go. Your winter break always seems cut short somehow. You always end up having midterms before or after winter break which is terrible either way. It always takes five million years for you to dry off from the snow and warm up.

Either way the holidays have the good and bad to them. Just learn to love the small break you have when you have it. “The holidays are most of the time good for me but they can take a small turn once in a while,” said sophomore Ella Villafane. Spend time with the people you want to and the ones you love.