Mother Appeals to Fairview Officials for Suicide Barriers


Shane Rakes

A Cleveland mother appealed to the Fairview Park City Council on Monday evening to consider adding a suicide prevention fence to the Lorain Road bridge that goes over the Metroparks. Michelle Biggins’ daughter Mindy jumped to her death at the age of 24 on Nov. 14, 2004. Her mother said they’ve seen none of they typical warning signs, like depression, from their daughter. Two years ago, the family heard of more suicides off of this bridge since their daughter’s death. This is when they decided to help. Biggins and numerous supporters had gathered thousands of signatures on petitions that aim to stop this action.

This Lorain Road Bridge was constructed in 1897 and it was then rebuilt in 1935, it sits 130 feet about the Metroparks. According to a Dec. 27, 2004 article that was written by The Associated Press, six people had jumped and ended their lives off of this Lorain Road Bridge. ” We all have to work together to make this dream a reality,” Biggins told

” The city of Fairview Park doesn’t own any of the bridges,” Patton had said. “We have to join forces with Cleveland, Fairview Park, Cleveland Metroparks, and the metal health advocacy in Cuyahoga County, as well as anybody that we can reach out to. We will help you with this the best way that we possibly can. Whatever support you need from us, were here for you.”

Mayor Eileen Patton had accepted the petitions and had told Biggins that a city team will be formed. The council Mike Kilbane had assigned the issue of Lorain Road Bridge safety fencing to the city’s environment, public works, planning, zoning and development committee. Lakewood’s own Alexander Blinky said,” They need to do something, this is horrible that these people keep ending their lives off of this bridge.”