Our Bodies. Our Rights.


Maddy McFarlin

The Ohio Senate just approved the heartbeat bill in Ohio. Our governor, John Kasich, can veto the bill. Everyone is saying how you can call his office and try to persuade him into vetoing the bill. He will be able to be persuaded since he is not running for re-election, which means he has nothing to lose. Everyone should call his office and all you have to do is look up his offices phone number and they are most likely not going to answer, so just leave a message.

Us women should be able to do what we want with our bodies. We may not be able to support the baby properly or it could have been rape. No one truly knows, but the people who approved this bill are saying that we have the choice or we put our body in that situation. Most of the time we do not do that to ourselves.

Some women truly are not financially stable to care for the baby or they are not in a safe home or too young. They will never know what to do now. Adoption is always a choice, but a lot of people do not want to give their child away.

Most women do not even realize they are pregnant until after six weeks, they would be too late. “I should have the right to make any decision about my body for my future,” said Junior Nicole Hudak. We should be able to do what we want with our bodies. This decision will end up changing our lives forever. Some people may need abortion.