Bear Attacks Woman in Pennsylvania

Bear Attacks Woman in Pennsylvania

Armani Adames

A woman from Pennsylvania is in critical condition after a gruesome black bear attack.The bear dragged Melinda Lebarron, of Muncy Creek Township, by her leg for more than 80 yards before she was able to escape it and crawl back to her home to call for help.The attack happened Wednesday afternoon while Lebarron was outside with her dog. The dog was also hurt during the attack.

Lebarron was taken to the Geisinger Medical Center, where she was confirmed to be in critical condition. According to WNEP-16, Lebarron reportedly suffered broken ribs, a broken collarbone, multiple puncture wounds and partial scalping.

It is not clear what caused the bear to attack the woman and her dog, but officials with the Game Commission said the bear may have been attracted to deer parts from a recent hunting trip that was left near the woman’s home.

The warden set a trap to capture the bear and will euthanize it once it is caught, according to the Game Commission in Lycoming County.

The woman’s neighbor, Jim Bieber almost got attacked a few years ago. “That thing came right up to me, stood right up, makes you think a little bit. They’re a pretty good size,” he said.

Game wardens say the best way to prevent bears from coming around is to take away food sources from outside your house.”Take efforts to secure things like household garbage. You want to avoid bird feeding if you have bears in the area,” the game warden Chris Krebs says.

When Chris Thelen, a good-sized senior at LHS was told the story, he replied with, ” I could take that thing out. We’re about the same size. I definitely could take it.”